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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Overheard internet.

Yep, they wrote it...

Based on the many insinuations floating out there, this is what I imagine to be the other Katie's come hither, mating stance, the surefire one to get a rise out of T. Cruise.”

Let me summarize the comment section of this and all the other threads in this site so you won't have to bother reading. --- Goodby is a hack. WK hacks, little agencies hacks. Award winning agencies are hacks, whoever we're talking about is a cokehead and a dick. This is ripped off from somewhere. You're all unemployed hacks in your mom's basement. YOU, yes YOU reading this, are a hack too. All work sucks except what I do, but you'll never know 'cause you don't know who I am. I do Cannes winning work 24 hrs a day, but Cannes is a hack fest, except when I win. --- What else? Someone else not mentioned in my previous paragraph is also a hack. Except me. --- That pretty much sums it up. ”

The super liberal in me wants to put his teeth against the curb and stomp on the back of his head. But the super super liberal in me wants to defend his right to say asinine crap without fear of reprisal from super liberals like myself.

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Karizz said...

ahahaha that second comment from Notahack is too true! Great find!