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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Throw another McFeast on the barbie.

MCFEAST???? For like a family of 12? Relax friends, it’s much smaller than that. And, the Maccas staff are very friendly down under, no? (Agency: DDB Sydney.)



Anonymous said...

Did he say "Mackers?"

mtlb said...

He did. They supposedly say it that way because of a lawsuit with another brand using McD's name.

Aussie joe bugner said...

umm no. its just the way that most Australians refer to mcdonalds, "macca's". We like putting "a's" at the end of words and names.... Barry becomes bazza, Sharon shazza, McDonalds maccas.

McFeast (Tom W.) said...

I think what 'mtlb' was thinking of is 'Burger King', and how we call it 'Hungry Jacks' down under.
This was because when Burger King decided to expand its operations to Australia, the name was already trademarked by a burger shop owner in Adelaide.

'Aussie Joe' is right, Maccas is just Aussie slang for McDonald's