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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another CEO spot. What a shock.

Add David Neeleman, JetBlue CEO (pictured) to the list of CEOs that just have to appear in the spots for their own company. Jim Koch (Sam Adams), Scott Blum ( and of course the granddaddy of them all - chicken man. I've met Frank Perdue, and David, you sir, are no Frank Perdue. (Actually, he sort of is with his dry delivery and all, I just had to work that line in somewhere.) The new spots are interesting because while they incorporate a funky illustration style, the spot addresses consumer complaints about airlines in a cool way. It’s not all talking-head David. It’s not the self-serving spots from Charles Schwabb either with actor's as cartoons with their odd copy. (They just broke yesterday so keep an eye out. Once I get a link, I’ll post it, so relax.)

UPDATE: So I feel like a jerk with the 50 typos above, but more importantly finding out the creative on the spots was Robert Rasmussen, who I had for an instructor at adhouse in NY last summer.

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George Parker said...

Actually the worst example was a few years ago when McCann SF... Yes, those fuckers again. Had the Sun account, but were fucking it up badly, so they put Scott McNealy the CEO in the ads which were really fucking bad. That didn't work, So they put Scott's fucking DOG in the ads... Then they lost the account. I've always said, when they put the CEO's wife or his fucking pets in the ads... You know it's a gonner!