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Monday, April 10, 2006

Guest hosting.

Listen up bitches. These next two weeks will be crazy for me. In addition to my new gig, I’m filling in and co-hosting over at Idea Grove’s Media Orchard. Also sharing co-hosting duties is Andrea Weckerle of New Millenium PR. Media Orchard is primarily a PR blog, but I plan to bring a creative’s POV to things. And, the good Lord willing as we take it one game at a time, I hope I can keep their page views from declining too much. Well, that’s the goal anyway. So, posts here may be shorter and sweeter than usual, but you can always check out the rants I throw down over the Orchard if you need a fix of whatever it is I do here.


Anonymous said...

Godspeed, John Glenn.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Houston.