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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Co-branding idea.

On the way in this am I saw a unique branding opportunity. Seems like one of NJ Transit’s finest conductors saw fit to slice a Jet Blue wall poster horizontally and insert train schedules into the slot. (If I can grab a pic of it, I will.) But, hmmm, not a bad idea actually. Mix two different brands in one category, (travel), and, in one piece. Where else could we take this concept of cutting up ads?

Well, after channeling copyranter, the guru of consumer-generated ad crits, I came up with Levitra and Trojans. Free samples of condoms stuck into posters. The couple in the ad seem to like it. And it’s a Russian ad because that’s all I could find on Google this late. But does it really matter? Viagra and Levitra ads are the same the world over. They suck.

But this execution has legs baby. Da! Add your own brand combos to the list.

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HighJive said...

i never really noticed the levitra logomark until seeing this ad. is it supposed to be symbolic of a flame or vagina? or both? this is one case where you definitely don't want to make the logo bigger.

Anonymous said...

Agree. From the looks of things, I don't think Vladimir is thinking about her logo though.


George Parker said...

Jesus... It's a flame... He/She is burning with desire... Oh fuck, I have to get back to that yellow tequila.

Anonymous said...

I think he had some of the yellow, red and green. What the hell else are you going to do in Siberia.

Not that I'm profiling or anything.