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Monday, October 2, 2006

Art has bad parts, don’t you know?

First, a youth group multi-tasked last week and held a DVD/CD/book burning party in North Dakota, (hey, don’t complain, it was 10 pm and at least their parents knew where they were), and now there’s a teacher fired over a museum trip that supposedly revealed art’s bad parts. Why? Just because of an ignorant parent and stuff I slept through in my art history class? Awesome!

Mack, Irene. What’s going on down there? Go back in there, chill them educators out and wait for the Logo, who should be comin’ directly. (Via Drudge.)

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Irene Done said...

Is the Logo coming to Texas? Do tell.

Anonymous said...

Yeah-- new developments?

Anonymous said...

Actually, all quiet on the western front. Logo still ISO of SAA. (Single Ad Agency.)