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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Geico caveman, Fox News style.

Funny parody in this latest one. (View here.) What else is there to say? The spots are in a solid groove now. Way this character keeps going, why not just throw him in a movie? Hey, if CP+B is considering getting into film, this skit is definitely something Martin could run with. (With a few exceptions, it wouldn’t be any worse than most movies from former SNL cast members would it?) More importantly though, it might finally help purge my memories of Ringo’s attempt at prehistoric humor.

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Anonymous said...

Six posts so far today. Did the Crank Epidemic finally make it up to NJ?

Anonymous said...

I'm like the proverbial squirrel stocking up on posts for the winter ahead. I predict a roadtrip in the near future and the blogging may get sparse at times.

That, and I had to do something to keep my mind off the NE/Bills game.

James-H said...

BTW- did you see the trailer?

Anonymous said...

After seeing it I'm now trying to rhyme Miami Vice and Caveman somehow.

RFB said...

Great find, James.

Caveman could easily stand on his own in a comedic film. Great actor.

There could easily be woven in some sort of sappy, barely underlying theme about racism.

I would like to to see David Spade, Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson as co-stars.

Anonymous said...

please,please,please, hollywood give the caveman a job, make a movie or something, i find myself feeling sorry for this guy