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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Benetton ad released.

Sorry. I meant Madonna family pic. She’d never exploit them in an ad or photo-op like that, would she?

(Update/disclaimer: This is just me being my usual wiseass self. While this could be something right up Benetton’s politically motivated alley, this is not a real ad for them. Steve and Adrants, thanks for the link love and sorry for the confusion.)

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Lae said...

Hi there! Welcome to my new blog, lets exchange links let me know, if u are agree, thanks :)

HighJive said...

caption idea: madonna and (wrongly adopted) child.

Anonymous said...

Yep. And if I’m Guy Ritchie right now? I'm looking for any commercial work in the States that I can get my hands on.

“Dog food? Yeah. Ok. I’ll take it. When do we shoot?”

Anonymous said...

lae - Can’t we just be friends first? Let's take things slow. I’ve been hurt before.

Corey said...

To: MtLB
From: WPoFD
Re: lae.

I've seen this before. Be careful. Next thing you know you wake up in a cheap truck stop motel, smelling like strawberry Astroglide and your kidneys are missing.

Come to think of it...that was my first marriage.

Irene Done said...

They make Astroglide in strawberry?

RFB said...


Best wishes being toward you this festive season of giving thanks.

If you are agree, I mean.