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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dude, yer gettin’ a new partner.

Hey Apple, why not use the Dell dude? First, it’d be a perfect f-you to Dell from Ben Curtis, and second, doesn’t most of the PC world think Mac users are fried most of the time anyway?

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Anonymous said...

i would think that Dell made him sign something. He couldn't just turn and be a shill for Mac, could he? he probably has a contract six inches thick--but what do i know? Maybe he will come to the Blogmakuh party again this year and we can ask him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah -- I'd think getting fired would erase a contract. Maybe they should rotate mac guys, have a herd of them, a diferent one in every spot, until at the end of the campaign poor PC is outnumbered and has to clean his registry. The Dell guy should definitely be in there. And the former Office Depot guy now in Earl and...make me stop...

James-H said...

I'm available.

Of course, I'd be hard pressed not to call P.C. "Shithead" every time I addressed him.

CUT! "Look, the guy's name is P.C. P.C. Got it? Annnnd ROLLING"

"Hey, Shithead"


Anonymous said...

"I thought if you got fired though, a non-compete is null and void.

Yeah -- I'd think getting fired would erase a contract."

I think his contract was also up the day after he got busted while in town to sign the new deal, so perhaps there was nothing in place keeping him with Dell?

Hafta ask the Dude I suppose, because the Dude abides.

George Parker said...

Now, the rest of the story... He got busted at two in the morning in the West Village for buying weed from an undercover cop... But here's the best part... At the time of his arrest, he was wearing a kilt! What the fuck was that about?

Anonymous said...

And now I hear that Justin is still the Mac guy. The Dell Dude can't get a break I guess.