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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dept. of Defense takes aim on drinking problem.

Oh this has to be a government campaign. Confusing. Overly-complicated. Probably costs 10x the usual campaign. I think it’s a great idea to target the problem of binge drinking, but boy do you have to work to find the message in this campaign called That Guy from the Department of Defense. As the previous beer-filled car campaign showed, associating alcohol abuse and humor is dicey at best.

Some of the other things that bother me are the lack of focus on women, as if only guys have drinking problems? And the site has a ‘Fun Stuff’ section, trying to make light of it. If this is supposed to be targeted toward military servicemen, then it needs to be more direct with no bullshit, certainly less whimsical. Doesn’t seem to fit the more straightforward tone of current military advertising, especially when talking about a serious problem like this.

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