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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tagged and bagged.

Sir FishNChimps has chosen yours truly to take part in his little pyramid scheme, chain letter game of fun. I list five facts about myself, then tag five other bloggers to join in. But like Calhoun Tubbs once said, ‘Lemmee put my ending on it.’

Here are six things, but one of them is false:

1) Stabbed myself in the head when I was seven with an X-acto knife.

2) Ran into the very short Denny Crane William Shatner in an LA elevator.

3) Can recite Hamlet’s third soliloquy in less than :58 seconds.

4) The firearms company started by my old man made the gun used by the Son of Sam on his little rampage.

5) I hate, and I mean fucking hate, the Grateful Dead.

6) Presented a TV show idea to E! Entertainment, was told “No thanks, won’t ever work.” Then saw the exact same show on air six months later with only a one word change to the title.

And my five suckers, victims bloggers?

1) Freelance Fred. Because it’s so rare to give something back to Aunt Mary.

2) Market my monkey. A chimp and monkey belong together.

3) Gimme your stuff. Rikki needs more stuff to do.

4) Scott at Media Orchard. Because I can.

5) American Copywriter. Because KC is just so fucking far away to make Coffee Morning Fridays right now, this post will have to suffice as a meet and greet.



SchizoFishNChimps said...

6 can't be true, surely? Were there not a zillion lawsuits you could have filed?

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the Grateful Dead as the false one.

Anonymous said...

fish- unfortunately, not when you pitch them directly without going through a lawyer/agent like we did. Live and learn.

every - absolutely true.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...there must be a story there, then. Did you smell one of their concerts?

Anonymous said...

Ha, no, but plenty of others.

It's an old story: boy hears Dead. Boy hates Dead. Boy grows up – man still hates Dead.