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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Super Bowl :30 spot guarantee.

Since a few brands don’t seem to be hopping on the $2.6 million dollar for :30 second bandwagon, thought I’d help. Here’s my offer to any brand, regardless of the category you’re in:

I guarantee the creation of a Super Bowl spot that people will be talking about the next day.

The charge? None. Free. Zilch. Not one fee for creative. No fee for production either. No mark-up on anything. You buy the slot. That’s it. All you brands still on the fence about whether or not to get into ‘The Big Game’ have nothing to lose, because if you don’t like the concept, you don’t have to run it. You’re no worse off than you are now. Dollar for dollar though, this will be the most effective spot in ‘Big Game’ history.

(Don’t worry, it’ll make it past the censors. I’m not going to pitch a live execution or anything illegal. If you have really deep pockets, the idea can even be stretched across several spots during the game, but that’s not necessary.)

So email if you’re a brand with the guts and $2.6 million laying around.

Or, you can just produce another gorgeously shot wet highway racing sequence that will fade quicker than the four hour erection in the subsequent pharma spot. Maybe even fall back on another Burt Reynolds bear idea. Which by the way, will still cost $2.6 million, plus an additional mill Burt wanted this time around for his own tour bus. The one he won’t come out of for a sponsor meet ’n greet. Oh, and the bear took a dump on the set – which you just stepped in.

Marketing directors, it’s your call, but you may regret taking a pass. Especially after the standard chimps you just know somebody will be using end up with better recall than your brand. Could’ve had my idea instead – for a lot less.

Either way, this is absolutely for real. Email me at to talk about it.

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Stanley Johnson said...

I'm fascinated by the Superbowl hype. I mean, $2.6million. Come on!

How many spots actually run during the game? And do they run during the game or only at half time?

czeltic girl said...

If I had $2.6mil laying around, I'd so give it to you, just to hear the pitch.

Mind you, I have no product to shill, but I think that's just a secondary concern.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

If you pull this off then please cast the godaddy totty in your ad.

Anonymous said...

You should get in touch with Toyota right away. As I just posted on AdHurl (The clean one) they've commited to two spots for the Tundra, Saatchi is shooting them right now... And today, news that they have to recall 500,000 Tundra's 'cos they're killing people!!!This is your chance to save their arse! Call Tokyo now... You speak Japanese, right?
Good job you've got me looking out for you.

Anonymous said...

Forever in your debt GP.

Hmm, well they're running out of natural disasters. Maybe Bigfoot can attack the truck and fail to dent it. Maybe a UFo comes down and picks one up to create crop circles, throwing it a half mile away – unscathed of course.

What to do, what to do. So many concepts, so little time.