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Monday, February 12, 2007

Embarq on a journey to the year 2525.

It was either that headline or this one: “In the year 2525, this spot will be forgotten.” Anyway, this is why I say all brands should post their spots on their own websites or at least YouTube: material for jerks like me to blog about. I heard this Embarq “In the Year 2525” homage over the weekend as a radio spot, and today my dreams came true as I found the TV spot. Zager and Evans, move over. “Hey. What a coincidence. There’s a song that matches the rate we want to charge our customers. Quick, call legal, see if we can get the rights.” Not sure if one song title ever became the positioning statement for a campaign quite like this. Next up: Iron Butterfly for Kraft salad dressing singing ‘In the Garden of...’

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