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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Got Cupid?

Herbal essences wants you to dump Cupid. I couldn’t help but think of Jack Black after watching the guy playing the vulnerable Cupid in the video clips though. (A guy who could’ve pulled this off as well.) The mock clip was funny, even though I wanted more, like what does he do the rest of the year, is there a special clothing store for holiday characters, etc. You’ll also never look at pole dances the same way again either. (Thanks Herbal Essence for that visual.)

There’s story sections and other stuff as well. A little thing, but I want stories to be by real people among the recent spate of microsites, not pseudonyms that come off as feeling a little too fake. I also like that they have stuff on YouTube already. I might’ve even gone a little further considering the moaning history the brand has and maybe put out some photoshopped X-rated/pixelated Cupid images on Google, (kinda like the King and Brooke dating pics). Check it out.

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