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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Krispy Kreme lowers the bar.

(CAUTION: puns ahead. Escort small children from room now.) Not only do they need more meat, Krispy Kreme apparently thinks women also need a little ‘dessert’ in this recent spot. So is this what we’re coming to now? More lame dick jokes? Why not work in a Dunkin’ Donuts/double-D entendre thing while you’re at it. Or maybe a ‘women love Kreme’ gag. ‘America Runs On Dunkin’ is the current campaign for Dunkin Donuts. It may be a bit safe, granted, but it works across all their demos and is something you can work from. I said in the post below that brands need to entertain first. The cheap trick in this KK spot does get your attention, but for the wrong reasons. Ultimately I think the brand takes a hit because of it. (via iFilm)

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SchizoFishNChimps said...

Hmmm. Food and sex(ual innuendo), always good for the cheap and easy hit. I'm surprised there wasn't reference to melons and buns.
If that had been made in the UK we'd have thrown in a dose of real gentleman's cream for good measure.

Anonymous said...

din't i hear somthing about an all point's bulliten about a lookout for a french crueller seen lurking in the neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Quiznos new CMO can be blamed for the "more meat" bit. I almost died when it came "sent by a blackberry" and had to pass through my hands.

secret squirrel