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Monday, March 26, 2007

Rocketboom may charge for shows.

“It’s frustrating that we haven’t worked it out by now...”

Reap what you sow. I’m sick of the love for all next-gen v2.whoa restart-ups like this. I hated Rocketboom when it came out and I hate it even more now. Charge for content? Good luck. They have that model already—it’s called iTunes and the content I get for free there. Or cable. Why would I pay RB when I can get the vastly superior Daily Show With Jon Stewart. It’s not my problem their gravy train left to try and be taken seriously over at ABC. Advice? Call Hooters about a full sponsorship of the program and write content for some of their future Amanda 2.0 hopefuls to sit behind the desk. (Just not the ones who might sign their name with a heart over the ‘i.’) At least it’ll be fun watching them read the prompter. (There’s also this guy. He’d be good too.)

(And just to avoid crap for forgeting certain readers, here’s some hunkage to even things out.)

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