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Thursday, May 31, 2007

RadioShack spares no expense in pursuit of the ultimate Father’s Day cliche.

Love DM. Got this one in the mail chock, I say chock full of tips on making Manville a better place to live with contents like: ‘Rocking out Dad style’ or ‘Dialing for Dads,’ or my personal fav, ‘To the Dadmobile.’ If you had to write this copy, I feel your pain. You can also go to the RadioShack site where they have the whole thing online. And, anybody else a little creeped out by RS Father’s Day dad? He looks like the guy a desparate housewife calls when her real husband isn’t quite so handy.

Next up from Home Depot, I’m thinking of a place a writer I know calls simply:

The Testostaroom.


Irene Done said...

Wow. Look -- they trademarked "do stuff."

Anonymous said...

I know. It’s Crazy™ like Chris Walken crazy.

Scott Baradell said...

Wasn't that dude in the Village People?

Alan Wolk said...

But if you ran a Mother's Day ad showing Mom cleaning the kitchen or baking or scrapbooking or anything else traditonally "female" (other than Pilates) you'd be strung up by the nether regions

Joker said...

Tight polo shirt... check.

Just enough balding to get the dilf thing going... check.

Enough muscles to make your Aunt Edna consider fucking within the family circle... yet again... check.

Bulging retouched crotch...check.

This cover has it all, oh except that part of not falling into a cliché and posting a poster boy early forties fruit cup your kid sister secretly wants to rape. Either that, or I'm totally gay for overanalyzing the ad. Regardless though, yet another edition of "play that cliché".