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Friday, June 1, 2007

Regular, or extra Crispin.

You knew I had to follow a post on that Crispin with the real Crispin. I want to run and hide after watching this. I really, truly do. I also would’ve run to see him perform it in Asbury Park recently, a stone’s long throw away from me, had I known he was coming around. He’ll also be performing it in Hollywood, June 22-24 here. Open invitation to Crispin: anytime you wanna guest blog here, mi blog, su blog. Just email me.

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RFB said...

Hellion is his middle name? That reading was tortured - like everything that whackjob does. A reviewer of his film (found at his site) sums him up nicely:

"It's unlike anything I've ever seen before...the unrestrained id of an artist at full frenzy, unafraid to mount onscreen what others would judiciously edit out. Glover's film is like that the fever dream of a crazy person."

Anonymous said...

I thought Andy Kaufman’s stand-up act was out there, but Crispin takes it to a whole other level.