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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Help me help Leonardo help you.

It’s the 11th hour people, act now. Leo–we’re tight like that–sent me an email asking for help. But I’m confused. Did he invent global warming or was it Al? Either way, he’s picking up where Gore left off. But not without your help first, equating worldwide natural disasters with politics. It’s a sassy technique that works.

Look, I get the warming thing, but saying that this generation has a chance to make a difference totally undermines the Woodstock Zeitgeist. That was the generation that was supposed to be the one to affect real change. Hate to think a few CSNY riffs and a blue dress with DNA were all some of us got out of the deal.

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Irene Done said...

Why aren't beautiful people happy with their good looks alone? Why do they have this constant need to be taken seriously? Why must the environment and third-world orphans always get dragged into it?

Lindsay Lohan might have it right: celebrities really are at their best when they're coked up and pantiless.