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Monday, September 10, 2007

Nike leaves nothing on the field.

Jetpacks had this Bears spot but then I saw another one yesterday on their site called Never Quit, directed by Michael Mann. Say what you will but the brand always creates something you talk about. Spot of the year so far? Don’t know yet but I absolutely love this one. Player sequences morph into one another in one continuous play. The field POV lends it a Madden video game feel coupled with the driving ‘Promentory’ by Randy Edelman from Mann’s Last of The Mohicans, then capped off with the last frame and what football is all about.



Anonymous said...


This ad connects with my "inner middle linebacker".

Thanks for the heads up on Nike's "Never Quit" campaign.

Keep creating

raafi said...

big football fan, but I dunno... Coupled with the fact that Mann is one of my favorite directors, and his production company is even called Forward Pass, I'd have to say this spot is a bit of a disappointment. It feels a bit too video-gamey for me. Would prefer the Michael Vick Experience if we're going that way -- am I allowed to say that?

Anonymous said...

All opinions welcome. I think the Michael Vick ride has been closed temporarily though.


The MVE though was about one player in particular, while this spot is about the spirit of the league as a whole and not giving up. This one is certainly more serious in tone while Vick's was more whimsical.

raafi said...

Not quite an NFL tone, but Briscoe High is probably my fave feeling-of-football spot. Although I agree that the last shot of Never Quit is great, it's too bad Steven Jackson fumbled twice on Sunday when the spot premiered.

Anonymous said...

Briscoe was good shit too.