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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Novartis wants you to gain valuable street cred as a YouTube filmmaker.

Yep. Floodgates. YouTube. Brands. Contests. Overrun. Easy Novartis. These are the YouTube waters off Australia and there are plenty of Great Whites waiting to tear you up with bloggers like me ready to chum the waters–or since we’re talking flu, ‘sniff out’ the fakes. Can you handle it? After hearing the rules to this FluFlix contest, I doubt it. When will brands learn. Please stop making your brand’s ‘features’ and ‘target demos’ such a required part of loser-generated anything. Want to know what the only must-haves for a contest should be?


Period. Doesn’t have to be persistent, just get it in somewhere. If your brand is established, it won’t hurt if the damn logo isn’t front and center the entire time. And the direction for the spot should be this: just make a cool as hell video about the brand/product. In this case, it’s about getting a flu shot. (I guess they must have resolved that pesky shortage thing from last year. Ouch.) Doing it that way is better. You’ll get what you get. Some lousy, some funny as hell. But it’ll be genuine and most of them will be a helluva lot better than anything produced under the rules typically required in contests like this.

But they won’t. The coolest vids in this thing will get overlooked because they’ll be judging them through the same guidelines-driven eyes that they do with their regular agency creative. “I like this one, but the logo isn’t really big enough. This one doesn’t mention what we do enough. That one said a bad word.’”

And since I’m in idea mode, why not have a microsite off this that has people voting on the ‘Flix’ that made them the most ill? (Gigli in a landslide.) Or the best shot at something they ever took? It’s Novartis so there must be plenty of career-changing soccer moms with stories about going back to school later in life.)

I’m here all week.


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