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Thursday, November 15, 2007

But, but, any PR is good PR I thought.

“We are disappointed in the breakdown in our own creative process.”

You mean proofreading process. Yeah, nobody caught it. Riiiight. I ’m sure this went back and forth between some low-level brand person and an AE at the agency who joked about ‘Christmas’ vs. ‘family’ and what’s PC these days. And another thing, let’s be real here: figuring out which in-store signage gets the PMS 300 isn’t really that creative. But hey, at least Lowe’s got out in front of this before it became national hysteria. Or hysterically national.



Anonymous said...

Amen! The PC Police are showing the world how ridiculous they are by inventing new terms for the sole purpose of eliminating Christmas. The little tyrants in the ad department at Lowe's should be reprimanded.

Anonymous said...

Encouraging me to get a "Family tree" is the most asinine piece of marketing dribble I've ever heard (and I've written my share). How stupid.

Are they next going to suggest Jewish families should get a "7-candle family electric light candelabra thingy"?

I need a new CHRISTMAS tree, but I'm certainly not going to Lowes now or ever to buy one.

This cowardly act of stripping identity away is shameful. Reminds me of a "Holiday Postcard" I had to work on for a prominent telecom. We argued so much because it had to be non-secular. So much time and energy wasted in order to ultimately print and mail thousands of blue cards with white snowflakes.

Joker said...

Christ died for those trees!!!!!!! What the politically correct fuck does it matter what a tree's called. It's like that whole bullshit Freedom Fry debacle. Really there's a hell of a lot more shit to worry about than family trees. So in the name of our lord Jesus Family, don't have a cow and buy the fucking tree.