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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

But wait, there’s more.

Tribute to a late great. needs a logo. Check out their contest.
McBucks now going after coffee market.
Cruises are fun, especially when you pay millions for their advertising.
If there’s better marketing director speak this year, let me know please.
Race, the other four letter word.
Man digs Oscår, or Ovatt, or whatever they call their stuff.


Anonymous said...

Can't see McDonald's quite tapping into the emotional magic that Starbuck's has created. It's not the coffee, it's the fact that you can sit on a leather couch, type on your laptop, or read Nabokov, or pretend to be important. At McDonald's, you can sit in a plastic seat and try to avoid making eye contact with the homeless guy who's got his hand in his pocket.

It's the experience that will ultimately decide this.

Anonymous said...

In your pocket.

But Nabokov understood the common man. This could work. We could get the drive-thru staff to start working in Kerouac references daddy-o.

Joker said...

1. There's SXE Phil, There's Dr. Phil, but it's good to see that Adites had their own Phil and I just wish I had the chance to work with people like this. I don't mind if I get my ass chewed off if I messed up or the work could have been better and from what is written and from what else I've read, it seems like he was like joe Cortez Fair but firm.
2. $50 seems cheap but free referral to 7,000 people is what seems enticing... who am I kidding, $50 iTunes card? Then again, I am a copywriter so no sense in being pissed over this...... $50 BUCKS????
3. McDonalds might rehash, reinvent and restock their menu, and they'll still be McDonald's. If you ever hear about a study group meeting up in McDonalds, worry.
4. "Carnival Cruise Lines will launch a new multi-million-dollar branding campaign that injects a fresh new look and feel into the company's various advertising, marketing and collateral materials."

- Woe to the Creative team. If the tone of this article is anything to lead me off, odds are the advertising will blow.

5. Cottonelle definitely does NOT take shit from anybody, even your ass :D. I'm actually curious to the campaign and actually, I like the line but the mobile yoga classes is a new one for me...

6. Wow the fallout from this one could be nice and juicy as is most race driven conversations these days.

7. I'm not a fan of Malkoff. He seems like Colberts illegitmate son that constantly pulls down his pants, points to his rosey asshole and scream "This is what makes me the money."