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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And who should I make this carton out to?

Aka, What Would Reagan Smoke? Why it’s Chesterfield of course. Nothin’ better while you’re staring down Russkies and turning in your Commie acting buddies.


Andy Jukes said...

I think I have to disagree about the unpleasant after-taste.

Andy Jukes said...

Sorry to pile on, but that is one of the worst faked-in cigarettes I have ever seen.

Joker said...

I dunno, sounds kinda weird to say I love to suck on a Chesterfield or that nothing satisfies me like a Chesterfield or that I can only relax when I have a Chesterfield in my mouth.

Andy Jukes said...

Joker, you mean like a couch in your mouth? Because, yeah.

Also, when I referred to unpleasant after-taste, I was talking about the effects of the Reagan presidency.

Although sucking on a sofa would also apply.