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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A solution for Starbucks’ troubles?

Sure at first glance this sign might look like more of the same brilliant local advertising I’m exposed to in my neck of the woods—literally. But after further review by replay officials upstairs, this could be something for Starbucks to try. Granted, live bait in my mocchalattacino is not something I’d go for, but with McDonald’s breathing down their necks, you need to stand out from the crowd somehow. Considering Starbucks doesn’t just sell coffee—they sell experience, what would make you stand out more than the experience of looking down and seeing ripples in your coffee. You laugh, but this just may be a way for Starbucks to gain market share among hunters and fishermen.



Anonymous said...

What are the stats for hunters / fisherman drinking coffee. Where i live it is cold and coffee might well go down a treat (especially for bleary-eyed hunters who need to be wide-awake when firing off shots with people around them). Seriously, though, am sure Starbucks have done their consumer research on this (just as they have done their consumer research on the dropping of prices).

Should brands such as Starbucks be dropping their prices during economic decline ?

Anonymous said...

now that's a man's coffee.

Anonymous said...

You have good fishing? Damned, I miss that.