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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not just any grapes, CELEBRITY grapes.

It’s grape crushing madness! I haven’t been this excited since Billy Beer. You already knew about Danny DeVito making limoncello out of a PR lemon, and you heard The Donald and P Diddy were all over the vodka thing, but since then, others have gotten into the spirit of things. (Ouch. And there’s more where that came from.)

Little John. Dan Ayckroyd. Barry Manilow. Lorraine Bracco. Paul Newman. Paris Hilton. Martha Stewart. Athletes anyone? Okay:

The Grape One Wayne Gretzky. (Double ouch.) Mike Ditka. (Guess he needed something to go along with his cheese.) Greg Norman. John Daly. (Hold up, DALY? Order now and get an iPhone widget to locate your nearest 12-step.) Arnold Palmer. Ernie Els.

Whew. Tired. I need a glass. While I go get one, check out though how unpretencious and nice Ackroyd’s site is, while Bracco’s needs serious help to even bring it up to par with the rest of the golfers. (ZING-fandel!)

Sadly missing from the spirit world though? A Crispin Glover Cabernet Sauvignon, a bitter Juliette Lewis Red and The Gary Busey White Zinfandel—which you know goes with anything.

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