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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Good thing we never humiliated kids in ads.

It posts a retro ad or it gets the hose.



Lissa Jean said...

after opening his gift, Timmy ran to his room and tried to obliterate the memory by downing a fifth of scotch.

tuns out it wasn't to be a "dry" Christmas after all.

Irene Done said...

The "Pacific Research Institute" sounds vaguely evil. Was it sorta like a Sylvan Learning Center for bed-wetters? I'm confused.

But honestly? I prefer the humiliated kid of yesteryear to the precocious snots of today's Sales Genie.

Anonymous said...


ID: I think the PRI was the precursor to the PRMC.

Anonymous said...

sweet jesus.

Joker said...

Ali: Would Jesus change pee to some other liquid?

Irene: They want to PRI the humanity out of you, runnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Lissa: I bow to your lobster taming ways.