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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I report.

You deride.

(Tip to Branding Identity Guru.)


Unknown said...

Funny story, the President, Brian Reiff of Direct Hit Solutions actually called me yesterday on the phone because he didn't like my opinion of his spamming techniques and bad attempt at viral videos.

First he emiled me this half baked attempt at scaring me into removing the blog post (see below). After I told him I would not remove the post the call came.

After a few minutes of him calling me every name in the book (lots of f'ing this, f'ing that) and threatened me and he finally called me a "Boston Faggot" (why involve Boston in all this I thought?) and then asked me if I would "look him up" for a drink if I ever made it to Chicago. I'm assuming he meant come to Chicago so I can kick your butt. At least that's what I hope he meant.

Either way it was a funny but very sad phone call.

Here's his email to me:

From: Brian Reiff []
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 12:29 PM
Cc: ‘David - Direct Hit Solutions’
Subject: Advertise on the BIG Blog

My company has a very poor review on your website that looks like it was put there to intentionally ruin my company’s positive reputation.

Please take this link down as it doesn’t provide any useful info at all or I’ll have my company’s attorney contact you directly.

The link can be found here à

Brian Reiff
President | CEO
Direct Hit Solutions, Inc.
847.231.3089 Ext:5

RFB said...

I'm afraid to give my opinion now as I don't want the CEO threatening me.

But that was awesome animation, an intense storyline and a beautiful way to bring it all home. I especially enjoyed the way the three search engines rode in the car for like, 15 minutes there at the end.

Anonymous said...

I’m pretty sure Yahoo! and MSN have better lawyers, and they’d be more interested in why their logos are getting hammered.

Unknown said...

I especially like (said with sarcasm) the MSN logo puking. Classic stuff from a pretty classless company.

That 15 minute ride was especially fun with that god awful radio changing thing they did. Plus all that downloaded music I'm sure they paid for ;)

But then again I'm just a "Boston Faggot", what do I know?

Unknown said...

Hi Scott,

I am the lead designer at Direct Hit Solutions and the one who is managing our Youtube, Facebook, etc. accounts.

We haven't commented on our video, though we have deleted some negative comments (as Youtube allows us to do).

I have more or less stayed out of this whole issue, but I do want to thank you for providing us with the exposure you've given us thus far. Brian is a salty dog, and some people bristle at his personality, but many others find it a refreshing change to the stiff suits at big corporations (most of our clients can curse it up as good or better than Brian).

As you can see Brian is more experienced with SEO than public relations- but all in all, backlinks, traffic, people talking, etc. are all good things in our eyes- even if you are presenting it as negative press.

(no offense but I'm removing your comment since it isn't true.)

Thanks again and take care.

Daniel Allen
Lead Designer
Direct Hit Solutions