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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No, really, this time I mean it—this is bad.

Quite possibly, the saddest thing you will ever see. (For here—and the internet—that’s saying something.) Now, my lawyer told me I can’t tell you to wash your eyes with acid after viewing it, so be warned, imagery may linger. Supposedly, this is another leaked internal vid from Microsoft. If you can make it to the end, count the clichés. But it’s so bad, you want it to be even, this bad, hoping somehow that it’s fake so that you can feel sorry for it, but it’s not.

You will never wake up from this nightmare.

UPDATE: Saw a link from Ian that this was all a scam. REALLY have a hard time believing it, because if that’s their idea of parody, they come off even lamer.

(Tip to skydiving Rob@Plaid via Twitter.)



Ben Kunz said...

I just put this up too. I keep watching it. My eyes are drawn in, like to that horrible, horrible car accident that makes me slow down and want to pull over, and walk in, and say to the horror, is there anyway possible I can help?

Anonymous said...

I only wish it was just a body in the road. That way, I could keep going and just tell the cops later: “But I’m not a doctor.”

Unfortunately, we are media professionals, and are required by law to stop and help.

James-H said...


HighJive said...

the sad part is, the lead singer actually believes he's cool.

Anonymous said...

Lol, hj, notice too the Little Steven guy. He’s quite good!

And I just caught that it has subtitles for the lyrics too. Genius. Pure genius.

Unknown said...

Lol, surely this is a joke done by another happy MS customer, right? Right, no seriously it's a joke right?

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Top dork scientists have finally found a way to create irony in a laboratory...and the results aren't pretty. But that's what you get for fertilizing a pig egg with cow sperm. And that's why there are laws against such things.

Anonymous said...

My eyes!!!!!! My ears!!! That is... just awful.