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Thursday, April 10, 2008

What if cereals gave away stuff like this.

How many more boxes of Cap’n Crunch would fly off store shelves? I’m betting lots. Don’t know why I thought of this. No wait, I do. Because nobody else would. Okay, so maybe Quaker isn’t ready for this kind of promotion, but your favorite policy institute is! They’re back with a series of FREE* limited edition posters—collect all, um, two almost the same, plus one! (By the way, we didn’t have policy centers growing up, we called them schools.) Still, it’s important to have a place where America’s future women leaders can call their own, free from the tyranny of progressive thinking. My problem is though, I’m just not sure which Coulter to go with: cityscape or best-selling author backdrop.

*You didn’t really expect it to be free, did ya? $7.00 S&H ad bitches.


RFB said...

They should've used this image of Malkin.

Anonymous said...

OK, I as tempted as a spoof to get Ann SkeleCoulter's poster, but $7 shipping and handling? $7? That'll feed her for a week!