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Friday, May 9, 2008

More things changing, more things staying the same.

Yeah, Obama needs to stay away from bad influences. Oh, you mean they tried this before too? Shock. Awe. Just wait until the upcoming convention. The Faux News attack dogs are just warming up.

UPDATE: Thanks to Tom in comments for pointing out that there was more to the cropped pic I originally grabbed.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't blow the picture up big enough to see who Number 3 was, but he looked like Bing Crosby.
"Communist Training School," by the way, sounds like an Albert Brooks routine.
Odd that the organization would link Martin Luther King to the Birmingham Bus Boycott. That boycott was one of the few civil rights efforts that was backed by both liberals and conservatives.

Anonymous said...

(Pic is now updated with additional names listed. Although, Bing Crosby would’ve made an interesting shot, it’s Aubrey Williams.)

Anonymous said...

What worries me most is that it took Fox news to break the Wright story.

Joe said...

The difference is this: King was a Republican, and the Klan were Democrats - later renamed part of the "dixiecrats" in order to disown what the rest of the country thought such a social horror.

Obama? Inculcated by the sort of academic-fantasy-radicals that have had no direct contact (or even understanding) with the sort of creeping totalitarianism that their small incremental "crises" that we're all supposed to remediate lead to.

Having lived in the DDR, I can tell you first hand that authoritarian leftism is not something one wakes up to overnight. The DDR started out by collectivizing one thing after another rather gradually, much as we are now letting one sector of siciety and economy go under heavier and more potentially venal and easy-to-abuse defacto nationalization.

The risk, quite simply, is that regardless of what you think of civil society institutions and businesses, Governments doing what they did aren't just personally invasive and lecturesome, but have the power of law to have a monopoly on those powers.

Quite frankly, I just don't think the President is intelligent enough to understand the consequences of enlarging the government. HE might be a benign user of it. YOU might think that those in it are benign users of that position, but the fact remains that anyone with less respect for the individual's will probably doesn't.