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Thursday, June 5, 2008

“He did it!”

Said the the second person to me on the train today, echoing the NJ headlines. To set the stage, nobody talks to me usually when I commute. I really like it that way. STFA and I’m good to go. (Swap ‘away’ for ‘up’ in the acronym and you get the idea how I like my ride.) But two people saying that to me today? Smell the energy, people! I said “He hasn’t done anything yet.” Puzzled looks required that I explain with snarky sports metaphor: “I mean, it’s a great accomplishment for any candidate to get this far, but if you just act like you’re glad to get to the Super Bowl, you ain’t winning it.” So yes, Obama just won the AFC title game–and yes, the GOP is the NFC—but it’s far from over. He can stay in it and win if he avoids Hillary’s mistake: She thought she had it all sewn up early on and it was a done deal. (Remember this past December when she said it would be over by February?) The likely game plans for both: War on Terror vs. Hope.

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