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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Like omg, it’s waaaaaaay good gooder than fast food!

Someone asked me why I hate Wendy’s. I don’t. Their ads though? Different story. The clip (above) is unfortunately one of those typical YouTube hold the camera up and record the TV type jobs, but A) You’ll still be able to follow and 2) Check out the hidden message of evil that I missed because I was busy going insane after hearing “Good good.” Good good? Whaaaaaaaaaaat? I’d rather work on tampon FSIs than have to write that line. These food porn shots with cute OMG!!!!!!!! voiceovers commercials are also a large part of the reason Burger King has been kicking their ass.

The other part of the problem is that as a brand, they lack the DNA to try new directions and stick with them. The answer? Just become a brand afraid to go beyond stuff as insulting as this. Which sucks because they actually do make better food, even with the ridiculous attempt at trying to own ‘healthy eating’ via the “Waaaaay better than fast food” positioning.


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Anonymous said...

My wife said Wendy looks stoned.