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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Design Your Own Pepsi Logo Contest!

After I went off below, I figured why not let the people decide. Think the new logo sucks? Send in your own. Anything goes short of the usual legal suspects and anything that the brand or I would deem* inappropriate or illegal. What will you win? Hmmm. Mystery Grab Bag Prize Pack** for starters! My undying praise for another. Email me them or post them to the Design Your Own Pepsi Logo Contest! page on Flickr. (Just tag it with: new pepsi logo contest. Contest runs for, hmmm, okay, two weeks! Ready? GO!!!!!***

*Pepsi is in no way affiliated with this contest or blog, but that can change real quick if the price is right.
**You do not want to know but let’s just say it involves items from my basement.
*** Exclamation point sale today so I stocked up.


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