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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What else, oh yeah...

CNN Pitches a Cheaper Wire Service to Newspapers? Yeah, it’s called Twitter. While Twitter admittedly takes a lot of shit for its mundane mundaneness, sometimes being nothing more than life’s unfiltered B-roll, people from Mumbai last week were reporting stuff before even Drudge was. So what? Okay, well, Drudge was always the one that had usually circumvented regular media and reported stuff first, but not this time. Forget the issue of vetting for a sec, I saw firsthand accounts relayed on Twitter as well as images up on Flickr well before any major media had them.

There was also a concern with the real-time coverage that could be used by the perpetrators to aid their attack. Possibly, but people did stop updates when asked. The problem though wasn’t Twitter-as-intel-feed. Try having relaxed hotel security precautions after a warning was issued ahead of time, or security guards who failed to return fire when confronted. Yeah, definitely could see how you’d blame Twitter for that.

CDs going, going, gone. Downloads now eclipse CD sales at Atlantic Records. Forget CDs, how long before the labels go the same way? They’re facing competition from streaming sites like iLike, imeem, and Play nice kids. These sites can give record company catalogs a second life in addition to helping break new artists to followers.

The only other strength of the majors lies in their ability to support headlining acts. Face it, while an artist on MySpace may have 20,000 followers without major label help, they can’t go to the next level without larger sponsorship or someone giving them a shot as an opener for top acts.

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