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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You have been teased.

This is it. One spot. The extent of my pre-Super Bowl ad hype, so enjoy it. Why? Because commercials are better when you don’t preview them and look at outtakes before the real spot runs, (the pretentious equivalent of letterboxing stuff to make it feel more important.) Samsung’s That’s How I See It Contest picked Dallas Cowboys fan Reginald Castilla to tell his Super Bowl story. Don’t worry, we’re almost purged of User Generated Content. (Hopefully, by next year.) Anyway, his tale gets made into a commercial. Touching moment ensues! After hearing him talk about how he once snuck out of church to go watch the Super Bowl, I actually like the story though and the way he tells it. Problem is, like any other time fish out of water regular Joe meets slick production, you can pretty much guarantee the final spot won’t have the same down to earth vibe his demo did, because, well, they never do. You have been teased.

Oh, and Cardinals win, 31-24.

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