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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy accidents come in threes.

A few recent finds while looking for more other stuff, each with a unique voice and simple concept.

First up, Marcus Brown rips the social media A-list on Twitter a new one. No fancy sets or special effects, just a toilet, a nice red, and deadpan delivery. Check him out before he gets so famous he stops returning your calls. Marcus, time to hit Facebook profiles next.

You know the type: The “hot and I know it and now I will make you know it” blonde, D&G-black glasses wearing, Facebook-posing, head-tilting, Rocket Boom-wannabe host that YouTube has too many of? Yeah, me too. Brigitte Dale ain’t them though. That came out wrong. What I meant was, she’s got an honest persona that comes off a lot differently than the others. I mean, um, just forget it. I’m sorry:

4,500 or so followers in six months. Numbers that suck if you were maybe Britney Spears, but for a site that writes with extreme prejudice about cute animals? Yeah, Fuck You, Penguin.

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Anonymous said...

ARRRGHHH!!! Just finished dinner, saw your post and there's not a chocolate in the house. Must have Skittles NOW. Thanks for the suggestion! I've been on Fuck you Penguin...very entertaining.