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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sarah McLachlan’s cute puppies can help PETA.

Double damn again. Sarah McLachlan’s back with yet another spot that gets me every single time I see it. How can you resist slow panning sad puppies? YOU CAN’T! Which got me thinking: This is what PETA has to do. I had a long-ass rant ready to go, but someone wiser read it and while agreeing with it, threw this out there: Maybe PETA just likes being PETA. Hmmm. Yeah, probably. Regardless, I’ll just keep the rant short: If PETA would lose their shock tactics and nude celebrity calendar approach, and instead, go with the broader appeal of cute puppies tugging on heartstrings, I guarantee they’ll win over more people. See? Told you. Short.


phillybikeboy said...
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phillybikeboy said...

Cute puppies and kittens might be a nice approach, but it's unlikely, as a significant percentage of PETA's core membership believes pet ownership is unethical. They're in roughly the same untenable position of the Republican Party--making the changes necessary for broader appeal will alienate the base.

I do have a problem with the Sarah McLachlan spots though. She is so friggin' hot, I wind up not paying too much attention to the rest of the ad. In the end, I want to cuddle and nuzzle some cute little puppies, but they're not the four legged kind.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so this post really is about puppies? Darn. The headline had me thinking otherwise.