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Monday, May 4, 2009

“Hi. I’m here to go through your dresser drawers.”

Max creepage with new reality show The Diet Detective and Charles Stuart Platkin. WE network, really, c’mon. I’m sure you were going for “Guy looks at all of your daily food choices” but this one screams restraining order. What’s next for topics that exploit and sensationalize America’s fucked-uppedness, “My son the crossdresser” or “You’ve just had an abortion?”

(Via CurrentTV.)

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WPoFD said...

The abortion with that.

Potential sponsors/advertisers: Trojan condoms, Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints, and WalMart.

And of course it could only air on one or two networks: Lifetime or Fox.

Possible c-list quasi-celeb hosts: We know Mario Lopez will host anything, Kathy Griffin, Octa-Mom, and Sarah Palin.

Would there be sketch comedy and animated shorts? Yes, there would.

Theme song? How about a Marilyn Manson remake of the Three's Company theme.