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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

But, it IS what you think of.

I was originally going to go with Lady parts for $29.99? Bargain! for a title, but the more I thought about it, I like the positioning of Lady Parts. (Oh my™) Not many brands would touch that, but they in fact went there. *flips pun switch off* When it comes to auto parts stores or service centers, it’s unusual to see what would typically be guy territory instead be pitched to women. But this got my attention over the Napa-Pep Boys-Auto Zone white noise. They downplay the name but they shouldn’t. Go with the joke and don’t write it off.

Forget the name though, how about that waiting room: NO WOOD PANELING? NO 3-YEAR OLD COPIES OF SPORTS ILLUSTRATED! SHAME! They probably serve little hot dogs and offer chair massages too. It’s only one location in Redwood City, CA, but next time I’m in the area and need lady parts or lady service? I’m stopping by! (Guess I should have them look at that pun switch while I’m there.)

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