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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ikea releases more inner creepy.

The Shining. The Sixth Sense. One Hour Photo. [ Insert creepy movie of your choice ] The clip above is older, but there’s a new version in this series running now where creepy lady convinces a wife to let loose on her air guitar while hubby puts the kid to bed. (More on Jane Earl Jones Venida Evans, the creepy-voiced woman here.) You have to agree with the opinion that these spots are anything but lukewarm, because you either hate them or love them. I first thought of Robin Williams in One Hour Photo, sitting on the family’s couch when they come home. (Check out 1:00 in.) I like the other series better where people in Ikea carry on like they were home. Ikea, really, it’s ready-to-assemble furniture, not an anti-suicide PSA. Lighten up. Like, maybe with more cute dogs!

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phillybikeboy said...

It's more reminiscent of the scene in The Matrix where Neo meets the Oracle.