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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

:30 Seconds. So close to what an ad agency series could be.

Forget Trust Me. Forget Mad Men. (I have, long ago.) Even though I think “The” show on advertising hasn’t been written yet. This one’s getting close. Channeling Hannibal Lecter talking to agent Starling, they’re so close here to the way they could nail this. :30 Seconds is Australia’s version of what advertising agency life would look like, and while not perfect, it’s waaaay better than what the U.S. has ever done with the genre. (Yeah, yeah, Putney Swope. I know.)

It’s created by agency Three Drunk Monkeys executive creative directors Justin Drape and Scott Nowell along with Prodigy Films director Tim Bullock. What :30 Seconds feels like though is still a little like the American version of the Office, an adaption I never liked. (As actor Carlos Alazraqui from cop moc Reno 911 succinctly put it, it’s the difference between The Beatles and The Monkees.) I’d like to see them dial down the performances to be even more in line with Larry Sanders for when it eventually gets basterdized adapted by NBC, but compared to what’s out there, I like what I see. (Tip via AdRants.)

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