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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jimmy Buffet won’t die.

Bastard! If anyone’s milked a song, it’s this guy. He’s still a top summer concert performer. He has his own margarita and theme restaurant. A food line. A Parrothead spawn fanbase. A Landshark beer which has spawned a pro surfing tour, a battle of the bands, a Facebook page* widget, and now a billboard two minutes from this here blog with big-ass shark fin cutout. OH, and he got the Dolphins to change the name of their stadium. Last time I looked, Axl Rose didn’t have a stadium named after him.

That’s hardcore man. Hardcore.

(Image via Askacopywriter.)

*“So what, my grandmother has a Facebook page.” (I’ve seen the demographics—you may be right.)

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RFB said...

My neighbors across the canal are from somewhere up north. Every Friday and Saturday night, they go all out for their "tropical" lifestyle parties, immersing themselves in the "beach culture" of our landlocked suburban community. You can always count on plenty of Buffet around the pool.

He should open a buffet.