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Monday, December 21, 2009

Hockey wine.

Sports dude that I am, hockey dude I am not, it’s my duty to bring you this story. Seriously though, what else do you need to know but those two words. The NHL has an almuni signature wine series, complete with awesome Photoshop deboss filter effect! Gordie Howe, Dave Schultz and all your favs! I could see an enforcer series though: Try the Tie Domi—it’s hearty and robust!


phillybikeboy said...

Walking out of the State Store, the Mrs. and I noticed the Dave Schultz wine. I was tempted to buy a bottle, drink it, and (in honor of The Hammer) use the empty to knock someone's teeth out.

How to Hockey said...

Haha I will look out for the Tie Domi series. That's pretty awesome looking, I'll keep an eye out for it at the LCBO