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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Bud’s for them.

Anheuser-Busch was among the first to apparently send in water from their Latin America operation to the tune of 350,000 cans, and another 600,000 on the way from Cartersville, GA to reach a goal of one million cans donated. (They also donated $300,000 to relief efforts.) The million is actually a fraction of the overall amount of product A-B brews each year. Unless my math sucks, someone at A-B is off in their reported numbers because 1997 showed them making 100 million barrels brewed per year (or... 33 billion* cans), while 2008 estimates have them at only 11 billion bottles produced, or one-third that number. Still, give or take a few billion, holy Bill Gates. And while George Parker and a few others think Bud’s already water, it’s an easy way to donate and get their brand out there doing some good.

*One U.S. barrel (equal to two 15.5 gallon kegs), or 330 cans per barrel x 100 million = a shit-ton of beer people.

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