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Monday, February 8, 2010

The 3six5 Project, Super Bowl edition.

Len Kendall along with cofounder Daniel Honigman have had a project going that I’ve been pushing called The 3six5. They’ve gotten people from anywhere in social media and advertising to sign up and contribute a journal entry for a given day comprised of 365 words. Down the road all the essays will be gathered into book form at some point. Yeah, I know, you’re thinking at this point *another* book full of crowd sore wisdom, right? Well, my blog, my rules so stfu because I like Len’s overall approach to PR in social media and where this is all going. *This* being whatever advertising is fast becoming.

So I chose yesterday and ranted about Super Bowl commercials then and now and the hype over it all. Check it out here, but the overall gist is simply that if all this shit we do is about content, then an ad should never be more important than the content that it supports. (The year is pretty much filled up already, but Len says you can email your name in on a standby list in case a slot opens up.) You can also check in with Len and 3six5 at SxSW Interactive.) Doing things like this though is also a good way to expand what you do as a blogger beyond your typical everyday voice.

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