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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

“Simcoe... Cascade... Chinook.”

No turning back with brand urbanization now, not when it hits the Rockies. But, compared to the Dr Pepper fiasco I just witnessed—Dre switching to Sprite as we speak—ranger posse is kind of cute. Sure they need to get a little more east, like, Brooklyn east, but at least they don’t try and do too much while keeping a stripped-down Beastie Boys License to Ill sound.* (Hula hoop background talent, represent!) New Belgium Ranger IPA has these beer rangers who will go out and convert the masses in a new campaign (from Cultivator in Denver). Yes, there’s the requisite face uploader thing, which, like aforementioned flashmob, is long overdue for an upgrade, so someone needs to do something new with it—and soon). Everything considered though, the overall look fits and the video highlights the brand’s eco vibe. (Employee-owned, wind powered, pro-bicycle, and recycles, reuses or composts 73% of its waste stream.) Because you needed to know that last part, you. just. did.

*Yo, that shit is 24 years old? DAMN.


DB said...

"Some rock Crocs. We drop dry hops.

Dope rhyme, yo.

WPofD said...

Get your mind out of the sewer; the waste stream is the actually water and methane (byproducts of the processes). Also, it sells a considerable portion of energy back to the grid. The jobs at NBB are in such demand and so highly coveted that you'd think they gave away free samples to employees...which they do.

If you've never been to the NBB - go. If you've never had a NBB beer, you're missing out.

I'm convinced that Coors' Blue Moon and Bud's ShockTop exist because of NBB.