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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yeah, so the CBS gay ad ban thing...

Relax, I’m still enforcing my no Super Bowl ad hype through tonight, but, I saw a spot on CBS that’s been running for some time that calls into question the overall mindset of the network. You already know that CBS tolerates nipple slips and *accidental gay* in the form of candy bars, but guys kissing on purpose as they do in the Mancrunch spot is a no-no. As an aside, the spot should be banned not for subject, but because it’s not any good. (As George Parker might say, it’s pure shite—weak thinking with awkward execution.)

Thing is, there’s a PSA running on CBS that focuses on anti-gay lingo and tolerance with Hilary Duff. As you may recall, CBS claimed the Mancrunch spot:

“ not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday.”

Then, they tried to say the network:

“has had difficulty verifying [ManCrunch’s] credit status.”

At least just pick one, CBS.

So why run a spot showing support for LGBT issues, yet cancel a spot with guys kissing? Granted, *that* scenario may not fit with the Real Man™ demo the network *thinks* watches, but, how many spots have women jumping all over their significant other with PDA in full effect?

Did Mancrunch ever *really* expect this to get on? Probably not. Did they earn a lot of free PR? Absolutely. Does that spot run if the guys just hold hands? I bet it doesn’t, because I think there’s deeper homophobia at work with the network, but, good luck proving that. (Did you really think an ad for a gay dating site gets on when a spot for family values is already running?)

You could argue too that nobody wants to see *any* couple going at it during a so-called family event, thus making things about as comfortable as when a Viagra spot comes on. But this is more than being PC. Prudish is back in vogue—if it ever left. If you doubt that, watch how safe Snickers goes this year after their last fiasco.

Mancrunch got their name out there without having to spend the $3 million. CBS preserved the heritage of the NFL’s biggest game as Real Men™ everywhere say thank you. Well-played for both!

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Steve Worthington said...

Fancy that!
I did the shooting boards for those PSA spots.