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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kohler math: Cooking + passion = BUSTED

Divided by brand message of course. Does Kohler have the best ads right now? Most Interesting Man and Old Spice notwithstanding, I saw this spot for Kohler over the weekend and LOL’ed. I DID. Then saw a bunch of their other spots, which, apparently, they have like 200 now. They have a real consistent tone for a toilet, which isn’t a knock, just saying. Notice though how a brand out of Kohler, Wisconsin (founded in 1873), has a decidedly international feel to its advertising, almost European even. (GSD&M/Austin is current agency of record.)

For a long time, nobody thought about toilets, much less faucets. Kohler products always seemed to be a little different in terms of look—and price. HGTV and the country’s rabid DIY renovation porn mindset have no doubt helped their popularity too.

They’re also the first brand I’ve seen that features someone blind without being patronizing about it. Their website is solid too. Not only does it have their ads, it’s about the only site I’ve seen lately that makes them easy to share. The needs of ad blogs aside, the rest of it has resources for anyone redoing their kitchen or bath too.* It’s not all form, it’s also function, people. JUST LIKE THE BOLD LOOK OF KOHLER. Ha! Plumbing joke.

If, Kohler were plumbing, that is.

*I feel bad about it disclaimer: I went Delta last time we redid the bathroom. I wanted Kohler, but the bold price was too much for the budget.

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