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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Does this Geico spot make my ass look too big?

No, the dress does. The GEICO series is branching out into different executions now mixing up celebs with unknown actors. Good ta see. The archival look above with Abe takes it somewhere different too. I think R. Lee Ermey though is a little neutered in his therapist spot. I need me some swears. (One oops: If they’re playing off of him being a Marine, then it would be drill instructor—the Army has drill sergeants.) The last of the latest, features the thunder from down under, Andres Cantor reprising his famous call for a chess match. Can a showdown with Michael Buffer be too far off?

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RFB said...

Love this stuff. The long pause as Abe tries not to answer was excellent. Ermey is good too. As for instructor vs. sergeant, surprised Ermey didn't call them on that, but then the producer would've said, "That's an extra syllable and we're pressed for time." To which Ermy may have replied, "Then I won't say "Jackwagon - I'll say Jackleg instead - and your syllable count remains the same." Producer: "Can't afford to offend the Jackleg community."

Can't beat "Jackwagon" as a swear word.